Hi, Ray Higdon here, and I’m extremely excited to extend an invitation to you to attend my first
ever, live training event for the network marketing industry Top Earner Academy LIVE!

The event SOLD OUT, but I have great news! You still have an opportunity to attend this event by reserving your seat for the Virtual Live Stream.  You can watch the entire event, all the fantastic speakers and the Success Panel – ALL from the comfort of your own home!

A few short years ago, I was near personal foreclosure and on the brink of bankruptcy. A friend of mine exposed me to the idea of network marketing and I was excited. Just like you, I was looking for something to replace my income and knew I’d found the right industry.

Yet, something wasn’t “clicking”. I tried 11 different network marketing opportunities with absolutely no success. Yes, you read that right. I jumped from company to company, investing money I didn’t have into each opportunity, spinning my wheels and going no where.

Each time I failed, I was that much closer to personal financial disaster and the worse I felt about myself.

You might be able to relate. It can be tough…discouraging…frustrating to feel like you’re trying so hard, yet not quite achieving the results you’d hoped for.

But then something changed.

It wasn’t the opportunity that changed. It wasn’t the economy. It wasn’t that I got lucky and recruited some new super-sponsoring star into my downline either.

So, what changed? ME – that’s what. I had a major shift in not only my thoughts but also in my actions, and that shift is what caused me to become the Top Earner in my current network marketing company.

That shift is what has resulted in my website being one of the most highly trafficked sites in our industry today.

That shift has resulted in over 17,000 followers on Facebook alone.

The ride has been incredible, and I’ve reached a point in my life and career where I really want to give back. People mistakenly assume that I’d never share everything about HOW I’ve achieved so much in such a short period of time…and they’re dead wrong.

I live a life of abundance, which is why I’m so excited to invite you to join me “virtually” at an event I held in Orlando Florida this summer for a closed door, intimate training event ONLY for networkers who truly desire to be Top Earners.

Top Earner Academy LIVE! is the biggest vision I’ve ever taken on. For 3 straight days, we dug deep with the goal of not only taking you to another level in your business, but to take you to a completely different way of being!

When you make a decision to take action today and grab the livestream recordings of this first-ever event, you can expect to leave the training totally changed. You’ll have a clear blueprint, not for simple improvement, but for mastery to become a Top Earner in your business.

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Here Is Just A Small Portion Of Feedback From Other Experts


Over the last few years, as I’ve been working in my own personal network marketing company, I’ve been able to identify and dissect exactly what processes and actions made my wife, Jess, and I the Top Earners in our company.

Some people are fortunate enough to “stumble” upon success and when asked by others how they did it, they struggle to answer the question.

“I don’t know. I just worked hard!” Or, “I just kept talking to people and hearing the no’s”. Answers like this might indeed be the truth for some people who have reached the top, but they fail to help the networker who is deep in the trenches and needs some REAL truth about how to reach the next level in their business.

I’ve drilled deep to layout exactly how anyone can become top earners too, by snapping into what I call the “5 Columns of Top Earner Income”. Specifically, they include:


Here are some of the highlights you can expect to learn about at the event for each category:



  • The right way to deal with rejection so it doesn't crush you or subconsciously affect your business building efforts.

  • How to overcome the biggest stumbling block – fear and procrastination. Top Earners feel fear too, but we also know how to overcome it and continue on. You'll leave the event with the ability to do this too!

  • How to stay consistent in your business and create a momentum. Knowing how to do this is KEY if you want to see large commission checks every month.

  • The distinctions between successful people and how they think versus the rest (this is worth the price of admission)



  • How we generated over 600 leads in only 10 days, and how YOU can do it too!

  • Some super easy tips to quickly generate leads on Facebook even if all your friends think you are crazy for doing “yet another deal”.

  • How to quickly find cold market leads who are anxious and want to work with you.

  • How to quickly, and without rejection, rip through your warm market displaying posture and power. (You can do this even if you’ve already talked to your warm market before!)

  • How we get 30-50 leads, like magic, through the creation of quality content – I’ll teach you my specific strategies!

  • How we are using the latest, cutting edge technology to get leads easily




  • The best closing questions you will ever need to know (learn this and your income will skyrocket)

  • How to properly follow up – Most networkers don't get this step right – 80% of your sales will be made by following our unique follow-up system & we'll share it with you at this event.

  • Some surefire ways to ramp up your sponsoring whenever you desire. This is fantastic when you're reaching to hit a team goal or the next level in your company.

  • How to stay postured and in power on the phone (it's one of the little secrets we have used to sponsor 46 reps in the last 35 days)

  • How to build instant rapport with prospects (without memorizing any scripts)

  • The best prospecting one liners to fill your funnel. Have you noticed that what worked 5 or 10 years ago doesn't work as well now? Learn exactly what to say and how to say it so you'll start getting results today.




  • This is where the BIG money is made!

  • How to create community and culture in your team…even if you’re shy and introverted!

  • How to develop your leadership skills regardless of your past history

  • How to INSPIRE others into action (stop trying to motivate them!)

  • How exactly, step by step, to build LEADERS not just followers (Do this and you are on EASY STREET!




  • How to use a system to recruit more reps, PLUS the systems we use daily!

  • How to custom design YOUR routine to guarantee success

  • How to systemize the proper training of the reps on your team that almost guarantees that the MAJORITY of them will also be in action.

  • Do this, and you’re living the Top Earner dream!

  • We’re Bringing In A Select Group Of Super Stars To Share Their Secrets For Becoming Top Earners Too!  By securing your Virtual

  • Seat at the event, you’ll get a chance to watch their training LIVE, from the comfort of your home!

  • My goal is to make this event an intimate and INTENSE experience by inviting only a small number of expert trainers who will teach you specifically how they became top earners in their company.



Here Is Just A Small Portion Of Feedback From Networkers



Jessica Higdon

Jessica HigdonJessica Higdon got into network marketing at 21 years old fresh out of college. Knowing that even after getting a 4 year marketing degree her chances of finding a job were slim to none, Jessica decided to start her own business inside the network marketing space.

Jessica was young, inexperienced and had zero confidence. After 5 months of absolutely no success, Jessica turned to social media to build her business.

Through social media and online prospecting Jessica became the top female income earner of her company and earned a $10,000 per month income after only a year and a half. Through this amazing industry Jessica has spoken on stages all over the country and helped many escape corporate America.

At Top Earner Academy, Jessica will pull back the curtain and take you step-by-step through her FREE Facebook Prospecting System! Even if you have no social networking experience, and don't know who to contact through Facebook, Jessica will break it down so you can follow her steps exactly and get results in your business!



Todd Falcone

Michelle and Bill

Todd Falcone speaks and trains on the subject of network marketing success and helps people move to a position of achieving Network Marketing Mastery´┐Ż.

Todd consults network marketing company owners as well as coaches and trains top-level distributors throughout the profession.

Todd has over 20 years of full-time experience in the field of network marketing and direct selling, and now devotes all of his time to teaching and educating on the subject.

Todd has devoted his entire professional life to achieving expertise and mastery in the arena of network marketing.

He has conducted thousands of conference calls, webinars and live events in front of tens of thousands of people in literally every country throughout the world. As Todd is one of the most exciting trainers in our industry, he is going to share with you how to recruit more professionals in your efforts to become a top earner.

Never a boring show, make sure you bring your notes to his powerful session!




Vince Reed

Michelle and Bill

Vince Reed After losing almost everything during the mortgage meltdown in 2007 Vince Reed stumbled onto the internet with no technical skills whatsoever.

Due to the fact that he could “barely send an attachment on an email when he got started”, his will to prove that building an online business can be learned by anyone has never been greater.

Now he earns multiple six figures per month and has been full time in the home business industry since 2008. After building 2 large network marketing companies, he now is best known for creating products and services that enhance what it is that business professionals are already going to do.

As founder of Global Apps Network And NetDivvy, Vince has made it his mission to help as many people as possible get out of the rat race.

At Top Earner Academy LIVE, Vince is going to show you…

  • How he went from financial devastation to his first million dollar year!

  • His “money formula” that he has followed to build multiple businesses

  • How he grew two huge MLM teams without spending a dime on marketing

  • How to brand yourself and get leads using cutting edge technology

  • If you want to learn how to build a business using simple 1..2..3 steps, Vince is your man and he can’t wait to share all of his secrets with you at “Top Earner Academy Live.







I’ve brought together a great panel of experts who are out there, successfully building their business to Top Earner status daily and I’m going to casually sit down with them, live on the stage, and interview them so you can hear first-hand how they’re building their business. They’ll take questions from the attendees at the live event and will mentor them  from the stage.   Your Virtual Seat will allow you to watch, first hand, as they coach other networkers.

Adam Chandler


Adam Chandler:

Made his first 6-figure income in MLM in 2011 and has become a top producer in the last 2 years. He specializes in content marketing, productivity, prospecting & helping others make the shift from overwhelmed & confused to empowered entrepreneur.

Christopher Hussey


Christopher Hussey:

Started MLM in 2011 and won awards within his first 18 days of the business! His focus is 100% online marketing and he helps other networkers build multiple streams of income online..

Richard Matharoo


Richard Matharoo:

Brand new to online marketing, he was able to go full-time in 2012 and became the Top UK Earner in his company. His passion is sharing what works with networkers so they can build the life they deserve.

Cesar L. Rodriguez


Cesar L. Rodriguez:

Started network marketing 12 years ago, and after some initial struggles, became one of the youngest people to ever hit the top level of his company and making his first million by the age of 29… doing all offline marketing. Today he is a hybrid online/offline networker and his mastery of skills have made him arguably one the most skilled prospectors, recruiters, and closers in the direct sales industry today.

Tanya Aliza  

Tanya Aliza:

Coming from the Finance Industry in Corporate Canada, Tanya found network marketing in 2009. She’s been recognized as one of her company’s Top Team Builders every quarter since starting and is in the Top 15 producers in MLSP. She specializes in Online Branding, Target Marketing and building ‘Community Outside of your Community’ using online and offline skills.


Here Is Just A Small Portion Of Feedback From Networkers





The first thing you should know is this is not a carousel of speakers skimming the surface on what it takes to build a successful network marketing business. This is going to be a small, select group of people going deep into what it takes to become a Top Earner.

This is also not a sales guru extravaganza, this is real, from the trenches, step by step training. This is an academy on how you can become the next Top Earner in your company.

Whether you’re just starting out, or you’ve been in network marketing for some time, it doesn’t matter.  This event is for those who have a strong desire to become the next Top Earner with their company and who are willing to put in the effort to apply the knowledge you get at this event in your business.  The desire and willingness to execute are the only things you need!

Let me warn you…

Top Earner Academy LIVE is only for the person that TRULY wants to become a top earner in their company.

If you are one of those select few that are tired of being in the back row, not being treated like the VIP royalty you deserve, this event is for you.

Many people who attend this event will totally change their income, family and life with the blueprint they walk away with from this academy – I hope you’re going to be one of them!

These livestream recordings are NOT for the networker who just wants to make a couple hundred bucks a month. While there is nothing wrong with supplementing your income through network marketing, there are plenty of OTHER events for that sort of thing.

This is for the person seeking TRANSFORMATION not INFORMATION.

You must be ready to move into action, and stop just thinking about it. I’m going to push you to make some changes in your business and your daily life that might feel challenging at first – but I know it’s the only way you’re going to reach that Top Earner status in your company!


Tickets for this event did sell out, which is why we're offering the Livestream Recordings to you today! Here's how it works:

After you purchase your virtual access pass, you’ll receive an email that contains a unique link – just for you- that will allow you to watch the event.  We’ll email you a full schedule of events, and you simply log in and watch the entire event LIVE from the comfort of your home.


Here Is Just A Small Portion Of Feedback From Other Experts


Pay Close Attention: We purposely structured this event to be an intense and intimate training experience. As I mentioned before, it’s not for everyone. It is ONLY for you if you have a strong desire and are willing to implement to become a Top Earner.


After you reserve your seat, you’ll immediately be sent a confirmation email with your private access link to view the livestream recordings. It’s easy and hassle free. Plus, you have unlimited access to the recorded event, and can watch each session at your leisure and as many times as you'd like!

To Your Abundance,

Ray Higdon

Ray Higdon

Ray Higdon




Top Earner Academy Live